Tuesday, June 19, 2018

day and night

Image result for day and night Firstly , Did you know that night  is caused by the rotation of the earth?
The earth has something called an axis .

 Secondly ,  the axis makes the earth rotate .  The Earth not only turns on its axis it all so orbits the sun . The axis of earth  is actually tilting a little bit .

,the earth orbiting the sun is caused by the magnetic field of the Sun .   In addition the Earth takes 365 days to orbit the sun also known as  1 year . 

Lastly,the tilti cause one side of the earth to have day and the other side is night this means that different sides of the earth get  a  different amount of sunlight .

Monday, June 18, 2018

science week 4-walking water

Last week we did a experiment called walking water  .
Firstly Ms Bracey put a quarter of water in four different cups . Than she put three drops of food coloring in them with one in the middle that was empty between of two that was full the colors were blue,red and yellow the primary colors  .Then she put some strips in them that connected to one cup .

 Secondly she asked as to predict what was going to happen to the strips of paper me and my buddy thought that the paper would change colors and fuse with the color that was an empty cup away .

 Thirdly we observed what was happening to the strips  and what was changing to it  then the ball rang two go home so ms Bracey

 Lastly  the next day we saw what had happened to the strips of paper that red and yellow makes orange with yellow an blue makes green .

Friday, June 15, 2018

Piece of a solar system .

Piece  of a solar system .
WALT; use specific vocabulary .
Firstly  we were given a 1/20 of a bigger picture it was a Mystery because we didn't know what whole picture looked like . Secondly it was difficult because we had to draw the specific detail . We had a challenge to make a copy of the real piece of a picture  .
WALT; use specific vocabulary .

solar system


WALT ;create an animation of the solar system youing google drawing

Thursday, June 14, 2018

moon phases

WALT: Using google drawings, and creating the different moon phases
my challenge was to get the right shapes for the moon

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Toke pepeha


Did you know that the sun is made out of hydrogen,helium, and gas ?

The sun is like a nuclear bomb that is always active .

The sun is a huge magnetic star !

The sun has lots of Solar flare .

 Solar flares are caused by the invisible magnetic fields .

  Did you know that the sun has a magnetic field ?