Tuesday, December 24, 2019

what i would take if i was on a bout ?

 The food I would take it the bout would be caned tuna because you do not need to make it cooled or warm it up , I would take bananas and apples because they are yum and they do not need to be coked or stoned in a cold environment  , i would take kutai because you can eat them raw and I can Youseff the shells for fishing if need be . I would take for my 5 options i would take some broccoli because I would need the vitals menarealles in our boded in the dry as sun light , i would take some car outs so they’re can help with my version so i can see if something is up ahead , i would take some salmon so i can keep my protein high and some honey comb for a little bit of sweetnesses  and for my last one i would take weat biz and milk for my breakfast .

Wednesday, December 18, 2019


Roald Dahl was a very famous person he was a British writer ,flightier pilot ,spy and an inventor  his best was being a writer . The most famous stories were Charlie and the chocolate factory, The BFG and Matilda he also made up very funny sounding words like scrumdiliumshis,wizzpoping,human bean or wiz mocker   which means fart he was a very created person and he did it all in his carbon out Side of the house . 

Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Ka Tangi te titi ka Tangi te kaka ka Tangi Hori aho tihae mauri ora 
Ko Pirongia te maunga ko Waikato te awa ko tainting te Waka ko tainting this e I will ko te papa ora Tu te Mari ko Ngati Mahana Toko Hapuna to so Sifa Toko papa ko tara Toko mama


Thursday, November 28, 2019


 Kia ora this term we have been doing Tukutuku. Tukutuku is a Te reo Māori art and is done by Māori kai-tukutuku all over Aotearoa. It is a type of weaving. My tukutuku is called 
Te Riri o Te Taniwha here is what I wrote as an explanation. Te riri o te taniwha is a panel based on the anger and rage of the atua on us. The atua are angry at us for polluting them 
and for killing parts of them. Taniwha are spirits, they are all over the world, you may think that the taniwha is a Māori thing but they relate to many spirits like dragons in the chinese culture and other spiritual creatures. In māori they are the balance between the spiritual 
and the physical side of us ngaa atua.

 Niho taniwha is the hoahoa we used. We used this because the taniwha protects the atua from us, as long as we remember and help protect nature, then we are stomping on its mana by killing the atua, and now the taniwha (and nga atua) are hoha with us all. Tukutuku is fun and takes a lot of effort you need to be happy, and you do it because the wairua you put into it determines what it turns out as. 


Te Kotuku

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Real or fale

what is real or fake