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Trees for survival.

40% of  our environment needs to be forest.
There are 23.8% of our environment is trees that was collected in 2012 and it has gone down now.
 They suck up carbon dioxide and they produce our oxygen. They also stop global warming from happening.

We need more houses so we don't have any homeless people. We need them so we can build more house.
We also need them so we can stop global warming
To do that we need to plant a tree every year of your life.

Trees have lots of uses but we should also plant trees so that we can survive in future. So if we cut trees we should also plant them.

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Skills flow activity

It was a good experience to learn how tap is made. It was good to tell about tapa about pacific island friends. It was hard to teach my buddy because there were gaps in my sentences and my buddy kept asking me what I meant. Next time I will learn words before explaining.

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12+12=24                                     3+1+1+™ ½ +™ ½ =6
8+8=16                                          6X8+48




stained glass fraction

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Dart of castle hill

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To day I read a book called Dart of castle hill . It was  written by christine fernyhough & Susan Elijas .This book is about a dog's big adventure for the missing sheep.

I like this book because it is funny and very creative.I also like that it was  really interesting .  


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To day at school suddenly a storm came.
Thundering and roaring like a cheetah.
It was amazingly strong  like a  rhino charging .
All we could see was the dark grey clouds and the flooded muddy ground.
So scary and frightful!

14 Nov 2017 12:49:55.jpg

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artists expressions through colors

Image result

My subject is the tui . Tui inspires me because they sing wonderful songs in the morning and  have the right to fly and be free . They can fly high in the sky easily as they fly against the wind . I have chosen the color purple, Yellow, Blue and white .
I choose these colors because they represent Peace, Serenity and moving slowly.

I  love how they soar high in the sky and can feel the soft  breezes in their feathers . I want to be like a tui that sings songs and enlightens the environment for us.

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My swimming recount
WALT write a recount
On week 9 and 10 Tamaki Primary school goes the  Lagoon pools for  swimming lessons . Room six gose at lunch time butt today we are going before morning tea .
This week monday I was getting ready for school and my mum asked me if I had my togs underneath my school uniform and I silent le said ‘‘wiy would I need that,, my mum said that I had swimming lessons.
I suddenly remembered that I should have my toges on ander neth . Then I ran into my room and gout changed .

When I got to school it was 8;59 then I got my net book out and sat on the mat suddenly the ball rang and I was first on the mat! .We did some of  au inquiry an reding . I at tamaki primary we school does a inquiry every end of term this terms one was for this term was hobes  . After we did reading it was morning tea . After we had morning tea  we had to finish of what we started in the morning . I was I a group called intentions that was for people that dreams that was to be a inventor .  

Then we went  the swimming pools I was so excited that I felt like I was going to burst . We went on the bus and we were the first on it then room 5 came and room 8 it was three classes on one bus ! .When we got there there was three classes already hear we went to the end of the swimming pool we lined up and went to the pools comfortable in I was in red .  At the swimming pool that name the groups by color  . Red was with james I am the fastest In my group . The mane  swimming in my group is streamline . James told as that when we start chafing we will get to go in the big pool . When we get to class we get carrots and apples and sometimes we get  to eat aw lunch .       

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maui bran storm

How Maui defied the god of death

How Maui defied the gods of death
One day one of Maui's uncles had died . Maui glanced at his uncles as tears rolled down his mother's face. Maui thought to himself 'I am Maui the god of the wind and sea , Fished up a land from the deep blue sea ,I am brave and fearless no one stands in my way , I  am a supreme and I will slay Hine newe te po so people can live on forever'.

Maui started the journey early in the morning. The journey was long and Maui did not have proper friends. They were Tane Mahuta children the birds of the forest . When he got there he told his friends to stay silent . Maui,s legs kicked up and down. Piwakawaka  was so full of laughter he bursted with laughter that started all the other birds laughing. Hine awoke in anger and Maui was never seen again .  

Maui tried to turn himself into a hawk but instead he became something else . Sandly there were loads of him different colors and different shapes . Then some thing hit him and he shattered into things . ‘’Am I a star now’’ muttered Maui . The other Gods helped Maui and he began to feel new again and again as if if he wasn't real . ‘’Am I a spirit now’’? He passed thro the ten ander worlds and above them were ten heavens and at the top there was a god called Rehua supreme  god the god of kindness and healing . ‘’This is a beautiful place exclaimed Maui. but I miss a life of a boy.

Six beams of light struck from Ruper's fingers and he was told that he could change his form because he was a super power. But other people were to die as the cycle of death and life was important.

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Exemplar 1

The beach story

Walt describe our scene  for our narrative

The sun glistened through the sky as the gigantic clouds floated above the surface. The  deep crystal clear waves crashed through the reaf .  I smelt the fresh salty sea as I went past. I heard the sea gull’s wings flapping up and down through the sky .        

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Juggling wooden balls

There were lots of different games for leisure activity in ancient egypt. One of them which was very popular with kids was juggling wooden balls . juggling wooden balls has been around for 4,000 years and stated in ancient egypt .

 Image result for ancient Egypt history juggling balls for kids  

Archery egypt

Image result for Egypt Archery

In the ancient egyptians times men used to do archery. It was a good game for the warriors because they could practise on their archery skills.

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27 Jul 2017 14:49:09.jpg
The captain of the ship said ‘‘are you ready team’’ the team said ‘’yes sir’’   ‘‘We have lift off ’’  said the main controller in 5 4 3 2 1 BLAST OFF! The boosters fired with a huge cloud of smoke leding. from it the launch was tremendous they were now far in opet .

The pilots were all floating around now one of the pilots said ‘‘gravmod activat’’ they landed on the floor with thagnk! . They all got back in there sets and buckle up .
Outside of the ship the at most fer was completely frosting with chel . they were now 108m from the ground and it was very hard to control the ship because  there were lots of staf that cod happen so you had to focus . then a asstoyed came i was so shocked that it was not on the radar i had to deploy one of the ships. I rapley doge them. one hit the ship and left a dent the ship was going to crash!....    Image result for to be continued

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the best day ever

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the best holiday ever

Last week’ I was getting picked up by my mum. She came in with a huge large existing smile. It was like we were going to hollywood. I asked her ‘‘why are you so excited?’’ I said. She said that we were going to the movies.  jumped up with excitement she said that she  decided that we were going to the move  on Sunday.

On Sunday in the afternoon  we packed  a bag and left. I had fun playing I spy with my 5 year old brother named Lagntupu .when we arrived at the city I saw huge large towers that had lights on them that sparkled in the night .The we went past the University of Auckland . I want to study at that uni . We finally arrived at the movie .The movie place was humongous and there were 1000 of people  . When we got to the reception. there were like  50 people there already . I saw that it was going to be a long time before we get to the movie!When we got into the crowd I found that it was not too bad and not too long . Finally when we got to the reception my mum bought ice cream and do you 2 large  popcorn.  when I got to the movie room there was all ready pop corn being handed out pop corn as soon as we sat down the movie started I tasted the popcorn and it tasted incredible  tasty I ate every last molecule. it was delicious . The main karaites were ,Gru,Dru,Bart, Lose, and the girls. The older brother was good and the little brother bad . After the movie with a big surprise my mum said what do you want for dinner I said  ‘‘I would like Carl's Jr. I got a chicken and mayo burger with fries it was the best day ever.  
Image result for Despicable Me 3Image result for Despicable Me 3


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I want to be an inventor so I can make the future a healthy and safe place. I want to make an invention that can kill all of the viruses from the environment . Then I want to make a prototype that can go into cyberspace and kill all digital viruses .

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Information report

 Information report
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having breakfast is important because waking up in the morning after ten to twelve hours we need to have something that can give us energy.  If we do not have breakfast we will be very sleepy and exhausted throughout the day. Our efficiency to work and learn will deteriorate.  It is like a car running with no gas.
We should include the five food groups in all of our meals.
It is important to to have combination of food because you need to have all of the nutrients in all the different foods. If you have sugary food you will have a short hyper affect and will cause weight gain. Your efficiency will lower rapidly . Your levels will go down . You can catch virus and bacteria and get sick quickly. Your teeth can decay too.

When you buy cereal don't get cheated by the look of the attractive packaging.  We need to read the labels so we can be sure that we are not buying foods with high sugars and fats in them.  For example some porridge in the market are not good because they have high rated sugar in them. The sugar can be as high as 36.3 grams per serving. This is like having a can of coke for breakfast .
It is  important to make good  choice with Breakfast .

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fraction card game

Screenshot 2017-06-26 at 12.03.10.png
Equipment required
  • 1Hat
  • 48 Counters
  • Fraction laminated  cards
  • Cardboard
  • Jovies
  • counters

How many people can play the game
2 people can play the game .

Instructions how to play the game.

Choose a card from the hat.
Read the given problem.
Solve the problem and put your counter on the number that says the answers.
The person with the maximum counters on the board is the winner.


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the winds freeze

The air thundered towards me as it was like an outrage through the sky.
The wind is like it could blow me from the ground and send trees flying like birds up into the sky .
Screenshot 2017-06-14 at 14.07.30.pngScreenshot 2017-06-14 at 14.07.19.pngScreenshot 2017-06-14 at 14.07.03.png

Screenshot 2017-06-14 at 14.07.42.png

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wintery morning

The leaf swirled and drifted down,
The chilly breeze chilled up the atmosphere
I heard the bluebirds tweeting in the blue sky.
Screenshot 2017-06-09 at 12.45.34.png