Saturday, April 21, 2018

River Talks 2018

My name is Milan….

This is a Spiritual Poem - please shut your eyes…

Imagine a life - by Milan

Imagine a life of death, dark and gloom and parts around you perishing inside,

Imagine a heart being clogged up with shame, that can’t pump it’s power and fame.

Imagine a life where the spirits have been wasted, even when I die, it’s been destroyed. 

Imagine a life where you’ve tried and tried, but at the end, you’ve faded away. 

Imagine a life where you were born yesterday, and you die today. 

This poem is about stopping people from littering in the river. 

Littering is bed for the the environment

Imagine if you were born today and you die tomorrow...

I wrote this poem while plaiting this rope. The rope symbolises 




It’s Companies, 
Businesses and Factories.
They need to Stop Dumping Their Crap! 

And the Government - Parliament and Councils

We need NEW LAWS
To STOP destroying our river spirits. 

So I want to see action 
from our government 

Thank you for listening

My display is about:
  • A Speaker that was made out of an old suitcase
  • A Table that was made out of broken pieces of  BBQ
  • A Chopping Board : that was made out of old houses in GI that are being destroyed by Housing New Zealand
  • and Bags made out of scrap materials from curtains and old materials. 

Thursday, April 12, 2018



Tobruk was were a great battle was won by the British . There was 600 German that were taken as prisoners .
Tobruk T.P.S
I think it is called Tobruk Street because it is the name of a serious battle.

Milan first Panmure Bridge

We walked down to  the Panmure Wharf were the 1st bridge was (it was a swing bridge) . The bridge was made in 1950s. It was demolished because it was old and not strong enough to take the weight cars. Hemi the famer from Panmure grow crops and owned a farm in Pakuranga. He had a punt that he used for delivering crops and animals to Australia to sell . 

Two horrifying weeks ago there was a footbridge that collapsed on a 8 lane highway in America Miami .  They decided to make it because a girl died from university being run over by a car .  The foot bridge was made in  six hours  from steel and concrete . There was a hospital helicopter hovering on top of the accident  . They had to send it away because they couldn't hear the  people that were stuck . 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


WALT; We are learning  about Mokia Pa
My Sgraffito is about Mokoia Pa. Mokoia Pa was built on top of  a volcano . The people that lived on Mokoia Pa was Maori . They lived
next to the Tamaki River . Kiwi Tamaki was the leader of the people that lived on Mokoai Pa  . The mountain that they lived on had lots of fertile soil so other tribes wanted their pa .
My challenge was to summarise my ideas .