Friday, October 27, 2017

artists expressions through colors

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My subject is the tui . Tui inspires me because they sing wonderful songs in the morning and  have the right to fly and be free . They can fly high in the sky easily as they fly against the wind . I have chosen the color purple, Yellow, Blue and white .
I choose these colors because they represent Peace, Serenity and moving slowly.

I  love how they soar high in the sky and can feel the soft  breezes in their feathers . I want to be like a tui that sings songs and enlightens the environment for us.


  1. That was a great story about a tui bun next time add a bit more witing

  2. I’m jack Milne from stone fields school. I love the vocabulary you used! You should add a picture of your art

  3. Hi my name is Charlotte from stonefields school. I liked the story about the tui and the colours. Maybe a bit more writing next time.