Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Evidence of writing learning

We did a practice test and the teachers gave me feedback. Here is my evidence

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Māui - holiday homework


Boxfit - holiday homework


The Snap Bounce - holiday homework

The Snap Bounce

My dad is a crocodile feeder. He's only made one mistake in that job and I will tell you.

On my birthday, he had to go to work. When he left, he forgot his net. So when he got to the crocodiles, he did it the right way but one did not listen, then they chased him. Then he drove


To my school. Then the crocodiles came to my party. then we blew out the candles, then the Tigers smelt the food. They came and destroyed everything. They got a bouncy castle and destroyed it. Then the net caught it and then we were saved. 

The slide of awesomeness - holiday homework

The slide of awesomeness

One day I was going to the pools. 

There was a slide being opened there and I was going on it. When I got there,


I was the first one on it. When I was on it, I broke my back. One of my friends were there. I called him he came then we went to the life guard. Then he called the ambulance and I was safe. 

The Haunted House - holiday homework

The haunted house
On a spooky night 5 kids named:
MJ the despicable
Michael the toughest
Smarty pants the scientist
Billy goat the dumbest
Doctor kids the genius
These 5 kids did not know that they had powers. All that they know is that they are all twins. One day MJ said "let's go to the haunted house" 
They all agrees. So one by one, they all stepped out of the house and in the haunted house. Then when they were all in, the door shut. Then they fell. When they hit the ground, they were behind bars. Billy goat whacked his head on the bars, and
Broke it. They they ran up the stairs, opened the doors and ran home.