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Exemplar 1

The beach story

Walt describe our scene  for our narrative

The sun glistened through the sky as the gigantic clouds floated above the surface. The  deep crystal clear waves crashed through the reaf .  I smelt the fresh salty sea as I went past. I heard the sea gull’s wings flapping up and down through the sky .        

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Juggling wooden balls

There were lots of different games for leisure activity in ancient egypt. One of them which was very popular with kids was juggling wooden balls . juggling wooden balls has been around for 4,000 years and stated in ancient egypt .

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Archery egypt

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In the ancient egyptians times men used to do archery. It was a good game for the warriors because they could practise on their archery skills.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

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The captain of the ship said ‘‘are you ready team’’ the team said ‘’yes sir’’   ‘‘We have lift off ’’  said the main controller in 5 4 3 2 1 BLAST OFF! The boosters fired with a huge cloud of smoke leding. from it the launch was tremendous they were now far in opet .

The pilots were all floating around now one of the pilots said ‘‘gravmod activat’’ they landed on the floor with thagnk! . They all got back in there sets and buckle up .
Outside of the ship the at most fer was completely frosting with chel . they were now 108m from the ground and it was very hard to control the ship because  there were lots of staf that cod happen so you had to focus . then a asstoyed came i was so shocked that it was not on the radar i had to deploy one of the ships. I rapley doge them. one hit the ship and left a dent the ship was going to crash!....    Image result for to be continued

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