Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tunnel World

In a land of treats one small girl named Jenny found a little hole. She crawled  in the hole and she discovered  100 ton all. some were made of chocolate. And others were made of lollies. She take one step and then she fell. Jenny felt like she was skinny again then she saw a monster with terebell ise and terbell closen and a poisonous wot at the end of his nose. Ho no oh help it is the grafloe.Jenny ran as fast as she can. She ran as fast asn she was in a rash.Jenny slept out the way she can.then  she anad stand thatshe was loctin the class room. The End      


  1. That's an interesting story Milan!

  2. Hi Milan, You have an amazing story, Keep it up.

    Room 6