Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Whale Recount

Once there was a little  whales she was  with her mum. The little whale said where are we going. And the mum said
Peredice.  They were on the right track but a storm came they were afraid of the bout there was japanese. they were terrified. The wave felt like huge  mountain that have never been climbed. So the mother told the little whale to leave. The little whale did what her mother told her so she left the mother. The mother stayed because she knew that the little whale will take the diversion. She came in and out. Suddenly the Japanese got out the sniper and Boom! She was gone. The little whale was far away she was lost. The little whale saw something, it was a dolphin going to the paradise. She asked  ‘‘ hey are you going to paradise. Do you know the way? ’’ the dolphin said
  ‘‘ Yes’’  The little whale said ‘‘where is it i am lost’’ ‘‘ use your heart  it will lead the way’’ so the little whale used her heart to find the paradise.  When she got she knew she was there. The little whale knew her mother made a risk and that is why she was there. Just then the mum came she was so happy that she shot through the water to her, so the little whale was reunited with her mother.       

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