Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Information report

 Information report
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having breakfast is important because waking up in the morning after ten to twelve hours we need to have something that can give us energy.  If we do not have breakfast we will be very sleepy and exhausted throughout the day. Our efficiency to work and learn will deteriorate.  It is like a car running with no gas.
We should include the five food groups in all of our meals.
It is important to to have combination of food because you need to have all of the nutrients in all the different foods. If you have sugary food you will have a short hyper affect and will cause weight gain. Your efficiency will lower rapidly . Your levels will go down . You can catch virus and bacteria and get sick quickly. Your teeth can decay too.

When you buy cereal don't get cheated by the look of the attractive packaging.  We need to read the labels so we can be sure that we are not buying foods with high sugars and fats in them.  For example some porridge in the market are not good because they have high rated sugar in them. The sugar can be as high as 36.3 grams per serving. This is like having a can of coke for breakfast .
It is  important to make good  choice with Breakfast .

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  1. Hello Milan,

    I enjoyed watching your class on air.
    It's great that you know how important it is to have breakfast everyday and to select healthy food by reading the labels.

    What do you like having for breakfast?