Thursday, April 12, 2018

Milan first Panmure Bridge

We walked down to  the Panmure Wharf were the 1st bridge was (it was a swing bridge) . The bridge was made in 1950s. It was demolished because it was old and not strong enough to take the weight cars. Hemi the famer from Panmure grow crops and owned a farm in Pakuranga. He had a punt that he used for delivering crops and animals to Australia to sell . 

Two horrifying weeks ago there was a footbridge that collapsed on a 8 lane highway in America Miami .  They decided to make it because a girl died from university being run over by a car .  The foot bridge was made in  six hours  from steel and concrete . There was a hospital helicopter hovering on top of the accident  . They had to send it away because they couldn't hear the  people that were stuck . 

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  1. Wow! You have worked hard to produce a great summary of facts on two bridges. Next time insert a photo of one of the bridges.