Friday, September 8, 2017

How Maui defied the god of death

How Maui defied the gods of death
One day one of Maui's uncles had died . Maui glanced at his uncles as tears rolled down his mother's face. Maui thought to himself 'I am Maui the god of the wind and sea , Fished up a land from the deep blue sea ,I am brave and fearless no one stands in my way , I  am a supreme and I will slay Hine newe te po so people can live on forever'.

Maui started the journey early in the morning. The journey was long and Maui did not have proper friends. They were Tane Mahuta children the birds of the forest . When he got there he told his friends to stay silent . Maui,s legs kicked up and down. Piwakawaka  was so full of laughter he bursted with laughter that started all the other birds laughing. Hine awoke in anger and Maui was never seen again .  

Maui tried to turn himself into a hawk but instead he became something else . Sandly there were loads of him different colors and different shapes . Then some thing hit him and he shattered into things . ‘’Am I a star now’’ muttered Maui . The other Gods helped Maui and he began to feel new again and again as if if he wasn't real . ‘’Am I a spirit now’’? He passed thro the ten ander worlds and above them were ten heavens and at the top there was a god called Rehua supreme  god the god of kindness and healing . ‘’This is a beautiful place exclaimed Maui. but I miss a life of a boy.

Six beams of light struck from Ruper's fingers and he was told that he could change his form because he was a super power. But other people were to die as the cycle of death and life was important.

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