Friday, September 22, 2017

My swimming recount
WALT write a recount
On week 9 and 10 Tamaki Primary school goes the  Lagoon pools for  swimming lessons . Room six gose at lunch time butt today we are going before morning tea .
This week monday I was getting ready for school and my mum asked me if I had my togs underneath my school uniform and I silent le said ‘‘wiy would I need that,, my mum said that I had swimming lessons.
I suddenly remembered that I should have my toges on ander neth . Then I ran into my room and gout changed .

When I got to school it was 8;59 then I got my net book out and sat on the mat suddenly the ball rang and I was first on the mat! .We did some of  au inquiry an reding . I at tamaki primary we school does a inquiry every end of term this terms one was for this term was hobes  . After we did reading it was morning tea . After we had morning tea  we had to finish of what we started in the morning . I was I a group called intentions that was for people that dreams that was to be a inventor .  

Then we went  the swimming pools I was so excited that I felt like I was going to burst . We went on the bus and we were the first on it then room 5 came and room 8 it was three classes on one bus ! .When we got there there was three classes already hear we went to the end of the swimming pool we lined up and went to the pools comfortable in I was in red .  At the swimming pool that name the groups by color  . Red was with james I am the fastest In my group . The mane  swimming in my group is streamline . James told as that when we start chafing we will get to go in the big pool . When we get to class we get carrots and apples and sometimes we get  to eat aw lunch .       

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