Tuesday, September 18, 2018



WALT:write a recount on making a chatterbox

Wow, today Room 8  made chatterboxes ! I felt super curious when Ms Bracey tore out about 21 pages from a magazine it felt as if we were going to do some art .

Firstly,we passed the paper around the class and we all took one .Next we folded some of the paper in to a big triangle and we were left with a oblong [rectangle] .We cut the oblong off the paper.

Secondly, room 8 folded it into quarters the we flipped the square upside down and folded that side into quarters .

Finally, we had a chatterbox.  My one looked really cool because all of my corners were creased really well .     


  1. Hello Milan,
    My name is Carys and I am from Wainui Beach School.I loved this blog post. Personally I am quite a crafty person and I love making chatterboxes so I loved this post. The way you wrote this blog post was very clear which really appealed to me as a reader. In the end it seems as though it was a nice and fun experience. Keep up the good world.

    1. Thank you Carys I like that you like my post . How about you send me your blog link so I can see your posts.