Monday, September 17, 2018

Magic snow

Magic snow

WALT: A science  experiment with polymer to write a recount from  the experiment .

Fantastic,magic snow on  the cold morning of Wednesday Room 8 was preparing for a snow experiment in the class . I felt super duper excited to touch fake snow .   

Firstly, The students of Room 8 were split into groups of six and were given a brush,some water,a container and a packet of magic snow  . We  were all nervous because we didn't know what would happen .

Secondly, we opened the packet of magic snow and we saw powder . We tipped the powder in the container and  poured the water in . It started to swell like a itchy bit after you scratch it !

Finally, we learnt that the powder was actually polymer.
Nappies have polymer in them. We made it into snowballs, sandcastles and snowmen.  It was extremely fun experiment !     

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