Friday, September 21, 2018

Tuakana Teina

WALT:learn from each other and to teach each other .

 Yesterday,Room 8 made earthquake houses. The idea was to make a house that would be able to withstand an  earthquake .

 Firstly,  Room 8 went down to Room 3 . In  Room 3 Room 8,Room 5 and Room 3 did a safety talk with Miss Gormaly . Then we got split into groups of 3 . We had  one Room 8 one Room 3 and one Room 5 student in each group  .

Secondly , I had to go to kapa haka so my group didn't know so well what  I did so they teamed up with some girls and did their plan .

Thirdly,  when  I got back from kapa haka I saw  that they had focused on making it pretty, not to work properly ! So I upgraded  it a little so it would work a little  better to be earthquake proof  so we might win the competition .     

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